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        Hello!  Welcome to Wendy’s Beads, specialists in Toho Beads.                               

Japanese Toho Beads are some of the finest glass beads to work with; they have larger holes than other seed beads, are in a variety of shapes and 
sizes, with an assortment of stunning colours.  In fact the English translation of ‘Toho’ is ‘Eastern Treasure.’  These precious beads are made with a variety of finishes, thus they fulfil every bead worker’s needs, whether you wish to be in tune with the current fashion or season.  Toho beads are ideal for all kinds of bead work such as stringing, weaving, embroidering and much much more.

Wendy's Beads provide these high class beads in high quality translucent polypropylene boxes which are designed and produced by the Craft Kit Company as part of an elegant but practical storage system.  

   Bead Group Visits  

   Wendy's Beads are always delighted when they are asked
    to visit bead groups.  We travel around the country on a 
    regular basis, going to bead fairs, so if you would like us to 
    visit your bead group on our way, or way back, please 
    contact us on                    

      Beading Classes 

      Advanced and Beginners classes now 
      taking place on alternate Monday
      mornings and Monday evenings.
      Call Wendy on 01258 857708 
      or email for more details.