Beading Classes 

      Advanced and Beginners classes now 
      taking place on alternate Monday
      mornings and Monday evenings.
      Call Wendy on 01258 857708 
      or email for more details.  

Wendy’s Beads Beginners Beading Lessons


Week One – Figure of Eight

Threading beads onto elastic to make a variety of Figure of Eight bracelets.

Week Two - Peyote Stitch

Making a bracelet in Peyote Stitch with hexagonal beads.

Week Three  - Learning to Picot

Learning to use a picot; not only to edge last week’s bracelet, but also to embellish it.

Week Four - Right Angle Weave

Making a Daisy Chain in Right Angle Weave.

Week Five - Flat Square Stitch

Making pieces of a necklace in Flat Square Stitch and edging them with a picot.

Week Six -  Figure of Eight Chain

Joining the pieces of necklace from last week, using Figure of Eight chain.

Week Seven - Flat Herringbone Stitch

Using Flat Herringbone stitch to make a bracelet.

Week Eight - Spiral Herringbone Stitch

Developing Herringbone Stitch into Herringbone Spirals.

Week Nine - St. Petersburg Chain.

Learning single and double St. Petersburg Chain for bracelets, or to use to make a bag.

Week Ten - Netting

Learning to make beaded netting to make a necklace/collar.

Week Eleven - Brick Stitch

Brick Stitch Flowers and Stars for decorations

Week Twelve - Bezelling

Bezelling  cabochons or crystals into a pendant. 

Wendy’s Beads Advanced Beading Lessons


Week One - Peyote Stitch

Making a base of a shaped pot using Peyote Stitch by increasing and decreasing.

Week Two  - Embellishing

To complete last week’s pot by making a lid and embellishing the pot.

Week Four - Right Angle Weave

Making a three-dimensional cubed necklace.

Week Five - Flat Square Stitch

Making complex patterns in a Flat Square Stitched bracelet.

Week Six - Celine Spirals

Making a bracelet and/or necklace with a Cellini Spiral.

Week Seven - Herringbone Stitch 1

Using Herringbone Stitch to make a ruffled necklace.

Week Eight - Herringbone Stitch 2

Developing Herringbone Stitch with strips of beads and to showcase glass Magatama drops.

Week Nine - St. Petersburg Chain.

Quadruple St. Petersburg Chain to make a bracelet with fringes.

Week Ten - Netting

Making a Hot Air Balloon using netting.

Week Eleven - Brick Stitch

Brick Stitch flowers onto a rope to form a beautiful necklace and/or bouquet.

Week Twelve -  Sculpting Bezelled Rivoli

Sculpting three dimensional petals around a bezelled rivoli. 

                            If you are interested in any of these classes, or are looking for other classes that we have not yet suggested, 
                then please let us know. 

                          Please feel free to email or telephone me with any other queries or questions that you might have.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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